64 - ...till it's gone

Drone week continues! Heh-heh, sounds like something from Discovery Channel doesn't it? DRONE WEEK! SHARK WEEK! No? Just me then? OK, fine. :-P

Here are some notable links. You know, just in case you want more ZZoMBiE in your day! Most of these have been posted at one time or another, but since there's no easy way to look them up besides going through every strip one by one, here they are again all in one place. I think I'll start doing this once every couple of weeks just in case.

  • AnotherHaloComicStrip@gmail.com In case you need to tell me something and the comment section simply will not do.
  • My RVB profile I'm trying out "blogging" I know, I'm late to the party. Leave me alone, I'm old!
  • My Deviant Art page All my old guest One-One-Se7en strips are there among other stuff. Most of which is Halo or zombie related in some way.


Also, through the run of these comics I've seen a few people ask me for my LIVE gamertag. I've always just scrolled right over it without ever explaining why I haven't put it up. Mostly it's because my friends list is already pretty full (stupid 100 friend limit!) and I'd hate to have readers sending friend requests I couldn't answer. The other reason though, is that I pretty much suck at multiplayer Halo and I'm not crazy about people seeing my pathetic stats.

I was starting to get pretty good (winning more than losing) in October but when people started responding well to this comic I started sinking almost all of my free time into drawing more of them because I find this more rewarding than polishing my gaming skills. I always thought that if some of the hardcore among you took a look at my B.net profile you might lose respect for the comic because of my less than stellar rankings. It seems silly when I write it out and despite the whole "I suck" thing you'd still be hard pressed to find a bigger fan of Halo then me. But still, stupid or not, those are my reasons.

That said though, I'm pretty proud of my fileshare and no one really ever looks at it. I know full well they aren't "Bungie favorites" material, but I think at least a few of them are decent.  So at the risk of all the fears I listed above coming true, I want people to see my screen shots more than I want to maintain my anonymity. If you'd like to take a look at my fileshare, here's the LINK. Feel free to bump any of the threads I've made that only got a couple of replies. Just remember to be kind if you decide to rate my pictures or videos. If you hurt my feelings with bad feedback I'll have to sick my zombie horde on you. And that's never pretty!!!