59 - Thank God Bungie aren't sellouts

God bless the Bungie guys for not releasing beasts like this upon the world.

Also, I'd like to put something right. I've only just realized that I tend to only respond to some of the negative comments in the section below. I guess it could be called the "squeeky wheel getting the grease" if you're into old cliches, but mostly it's just my oversight.

So for the sake of saying it, I'd like to thank every person who stops their day and whatever else they're doing to drop off a little encouragement. Don't think I don't see you just because I don't quote or respond specifically when you leave a nice little "well done" comment below. Truth is, I am an art machine and my fuel is props. (do people still say props?) (whatever, you know what I mean) The props you all leave behind are what make this project worth continuing day after day. So this is my opportunity to say thanks to you for fueling my fire and supporting this comic with your daily clicks and kind words. If it weren't for the audience, I'd just be a sad little man laughing at my own rather odd sense of humor.