117 - Time to bake that cake

I want to say again how much I've appreciated all the fans of this series. Those who've continued to post here over the years even though the place hasn't been that active. Your dedication knocks me down with awe sometimes.

Because I'm sure a few people are going to ask, here's a quick one question FAQ:

Q: Why quit at 117? You could still make XXX?

A: This comic is and always was mostly about the Master Chief. Cortana and Arbiter and Master Chief are no longer the cornerstone of the franchise. Halo has grown, mutated, and become another beast altogether. So for a comic based on making fun of Master Chief and the Haloverse, there is no better place to end things than the 117th comic strip. I'm sure you understand.

I will still be making some Halo and RvB fanart from  time to time. If you're interested be sure you check out my Deviant Art page from time to time. Also my RoosterTeeth.com profile is around if anyone wants to say HI. I accept all friend requests on RT, no exceptions. (Links can be found in the bar under the AHCS Banner)

And of course I'll regularly be updating my Bungie.Net File Share and I'm in REACH: Matchmaking as often as time will allow. You can check out my File Share if you like but there isn't much there as yet other than a few reference pictures and a few where I tried to be creative with little success. But still, tags and comments are always appreciated. Unfortunately, I cannot accept random friend requests on Xbox Live. With a cap of 99 persons, my Friend List just doesn't have any space left for random people. I am sorry, but that one is Microsoft's fault, not mine. Sorry.

To wrap this up, let me say again how much I've appreciated everyone who's visited this comic over the years. The fans were always what made the work worth it. You guys are awesome and I can't say thank you enough.