111 - A SCRUBS moment

Better Late Than Never

I know I normally put up new work on Tue, Thu, and Sat. It's been that way since a week or two after I started making these. But forces beyond my control are limiting the amount of time I can devote to AHCS here of late. Specifically, my tendonitis has been raging and it's next to impossible to draw when your hand is cramping up that bad.

I just thought I owed it to the regular readers to let them know things may be slowing down over the coming weeks. I still plan to make comics, but I don't know if I can physically handle 3 a week at the moment. Rest assured that the mind is willing despite the body being pained and unable. So as I can, I'll trickle them into Louis' inbox and then on to you here. Hopefully with a little extra rest I can get my usual drawing speed back and things can go back to normal. Thanks.