9 - J'Acuse!

Thanks for the feedback and critiques.

To the people below who say they don't get it.:

I'm sorry that this one isn't super funny. But I was reading Nolan Bushnell's comments about Halo and about innovation and it got under my skin. He's basically famous for being the "father of moden video games" but his breakthrough hit was an idea he pretty much stole from another guy named Ralph Baer.

Admittedly, I wasn't there. I don't know everything that happened in thier scandal. But the information I've seen basically goes like this; Baer made PONG. While showing it off to prospective buyers, Nolan goes to a showing (and signed the guestbook). Next thing you know, Bushnell makes PONG games for arcades and get's rich with Atari wihle Baer keeps slaving away at Magnavox with no recognition.

And this guy has the balls to say Halo isn't innovative and is just DOOM 1 with a pretty paint job? Not on my watch.