70 - Friendly antagonism

First thing I wanna point out, this was made before Stuntmutt retired from the Halo comic world. *Cries*

I don't know about you, but me and my friends are pretty mean to one another. All in good fun of course. But like Smiley said when I showed him a preview of this strip, "OH yeah, that's totally something I'd do!"

I also wanna take this opportunity to thank both Mr. Smiley and Empress Cortana for helping me get pictures of Recon armor. I wouldn't have been able to draw it properly without their help. Thanks!!!

And another thank you needs to go out to Louis for his fast response to user feedback. Someone sent me an e-mail asking for an easy to navigate archive of the older strips. Less than 8 hours later there's a fully realized archive section in the top link bar. Louis Wu, you are THE man. And thanks to the user who suggested it too.